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"You deserve better"

I can’t help it; I can’t stop thinking about Greek and its magnificence. 

Real and honest depictions of friendship have always been my number one criteria for loving a show. I think this is because friendship is so important in my day-to-day life; whether it be the friends I bump into everyday on campus, my internet friends or the real, true-blue sisters and brothers that I may not speak to often but that when we do, it’s from-the-bottom-of-our-hearts real, those people mean the world to me. And we all have special people in our lives that aren’t blood relatives or significant others that significantly alter who we are as people.

And Greek got that. Between all genders and all ages, these characters forged deep, lasting, and oftentimes very difficult friendships. Circumventing the usual “who ends up with who” series finale expectations, what the finale focused on was friendship resolutions; the Rebecka/Casey & Cappie/Evan hugs were some of my most favorite TV moments, ever.

So, part of me loved this depiction of friendship because I identified with the realness of it, but the other part of me longed for the type of friendship these characters developed. I’ve never had “a crew” since middle school and like 8 months in 10th grade. Though the Greek system as I imagine it and know it to be has many flaws, it does do one thing: it offers up a house-full of friendship possibilities. I love camaraderie, and I loved living vicariously through ZBZ and KT.

But the crux of the show is that if you have at least one person at your side, you’re going to be ok, and that was best exemplified through Ashleigh and Casey. So rarely do two female characters get to be friends for 3+ seasons without guys getting in the way, and Greek realized that feat.

Plus, it made me real nostalgic for the time when my friend Mel was just a 2 minute drive away.

She’s my Ashleigh. She just recently got married, and I had to say goodbye to her a few weeks ago as she and her husband will be moving to Yellowknife in a few days. 

She won’t be in Moncton for Christmas, so Christmas will be a little more bleak. I won’t be able to surprise-visit her for holidays. We won’t be able to send each others things, because it’s way too far and way too expensive to ship things in the north.

But I will look to Casey and Ashleigh, and I’ll look forward to our never ending G+ dates and phone talks. I’ll be nervous for her first day of teaching, and I know she’ll be rooting for me to finish my thesis, from 4 890km away.

And I wish her all of the good things in the world, because she is my soul mate. 

Greek retrospective, #5

Greek retrospective, #5

Greek is a monumentally important show and nobody will ever convince me otherwise. Thank you so much to the Creepy Condo gals; *they* convinced me to watch it, and boy am I glad they did.

Greek retrospective, #4

Greek retrospective, #4

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans
It felt momentous to walk through this place. Peaceful, and important. Also, it’s used all the time for The Originals backdrop. So there’s that.

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans

It felt momentous to walk through this place. Peaceful, and important. 

Also, it’s used all the time for The Originals backdrop. So there’s that.

speak quietly to yourself & promise there will be better days. whisper gently to yourself and provide assurance that you really are extending your best effort. console your bruised and tender spirit with reminders of many other successes. offer comfort in practical and tangible ways - as if you were encouraging your dearest friend. recognize that on certain days the greatest grace is that the day is over and you get to close your eyes. tomorrow comes more brightly…

—Mary Anne Radmacher (via observando)

(via catzattackz)

GREEK Retrospective, #3orThe Return of the Acoustic Guitar

GREEK Retrospective, #3
The Return of the Acoustic Guitar

GREEK retrospective, #2

GREEK retrospective, #2

Things I have successfully managed to do since June 20th, 2014:

  • Planned and executed a super well-attended Bike Rave with student activists;
  • Planned and executed a brand new wedding for my best friend in 72 hours in the wake of Cyclone Arthur - a beach/tent wedding was simply not going to happen;
  • Let go of things that were weighing me down - though they were a part of me that I loved, they prevented me from accomplishing the goals I have set for myself so, with a pinch of my heart, I set them free;
  • Had a really important discussion with M.A. that may significantly alter our relationship for the better;
  • Decided to walk the Camino with my dad. Since then, I have watched movies, read books and blogs, had talks with people who have walked it and started training - I walked 7.5K a few days ago;
  • Set my thesis straight - I now see the end goal, and have a strategy that should see me finishing school in December 2014;
  • Rewarded myself with three days of non-stop fun - Thursday, darts with P.G. and S.W., Friday, The Pond with N.H. followed by Electric Six at Mavericks, Saturday, brunch with my Moncton friends, followed by Westboro beach, backyard beers, burgers, burlesque and dancing the night away with amazing friends.
  • Baked 24 chocolate chip cookies.

I need to revel in this momentum, and I can’t let it pass me by. I can have everything I want. I just need to work at it.